Water Sampling

Both in addition to, and as part of, our water hygiene assessments, we can fulfil a large range of water testing services where applicable. As part of our asesment and maintenance programmes, our staff with always advise you if you require such testsing. Whilst such technical analysis is not generally required for all customers, ACOP L8 recommends that further testing should be undertaken when:

  • Water Testing LeedsSystems treated with biocide where storage and distribution temperatures are outside acceptable parameters
  • In systems where the control measures are consistently not maintained
  • Where a Legionella outbreak is suspected
  • High risk areas where the users of water systems are in a highly susceptible category, such as hospital wards with immunologically compromised patients

R&R can provide a wide range of accredited laboratory testing, including microbiological tests (such as Legionella, E-Coli, Pseudomonas, Coliforms, etc) and water chemistry tests (such as heavy metals, pollutant levels, etc).

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