Cleaning & Chlorination

Cleaning and Chlorination of water systems is essential to control water hygiene. We can provide a full range of services for both hot and cold water systems, including:

Disinfection of new or contaminated mains supplies with sampling to meet water authority specifications.
Cleaning of water storage tanks to ACOP L8
Chlorination of water supply down services to ACOP L8
Cleaning of process water systems
Cleaning of cooling towers and evaporative condensers
Cleaning of all types of water system

Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning is an important part of water hygiene. Neglected water tanks can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria including Legionella, E coli and TVC which can be present in water tanks for numerous reasons. To prevent or control these risks, precautions should be taken by keeping the system clean.

Hot and cold water services should be cleaned and disinfected in the following situations:

  • If a routine inspection shows it to be necessary
  • If the system, or part of it, has been substantially altered or entered for maintenance purposes in a manner which may lead to contamination
  • During or following an outbreak or suspected outbreak of legionellosis.

Cleaning and disinfection of the tank is recommended when there is evidence of the following:

  • Sediment
  • Flora growth
  • General debris and dirt
  • Stagnant water
  • Biofilm
  • Animal contamination
  • Corrosion

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